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Welcome to For Young People Interventions.

FYP Interventions - Your Partner for a wide range of services to help young people thrive. We offer mentoring and educational services to meet the needs of our young people.

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Our Services

Educational Services

Educational Services

Our educational services are designed to help individuals and young people learn and grow. We provide comprehensive support to schools and families of young people with Emotional and Behavioural Support Needs (EBSA) due to trauma or anxiety.



Our coaching and mentoring services are designed to help individuals and young people achieve their personal and professional goals.


Post 16 Programme

Navigating the path beyond school can be uncertain. At FYP Interventions, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. Our Post 16 Programme is designed to empower young people to explore their potential and chart a course for success.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Proven Track Record

Backed by 14 years in Youth Justice and secure units, FYP Interventions know young people challenges inside and out.

Experienced & Dedicated

FYP's team combines expertise with a passion for empowering young people.

Holistic Approach

Tailored services to meet the specific needs of each young person.

Championing Potential

Helping young people overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

More than Support

FYP empowers families through community connections, leading to lasting empowerment.

Building Resilience, Avoiding Pitfalls

Equipping young people with the tools they need to build a positive future.

Samantha King


Samantha has over 14yrs experience working in the Youth Justice system, initially as a Residential Care Officer, before obtaining her Degree in Education in Professional Practice and working within the Educational Team at a leading Secure Unit for Children in Bristol.  During this time, she secured a position as a Specialist in English Interventions Support, which then led to leading her subject of Health & Social Care and more currently Life Skills and English NOCN/GCSE.

FYP Interventions working in Partnership with:

bath council
South Gloucestershire
Castle School


YP - 1
Thanks for being here for me, I appreciate it so much and for listening and helping me through bad times.
Manager of Secure Services
Having worked with Sam King over the last 5 years, she has demonstrated the importance of positive attachments. The development of vulnerable young people through hard work and compassion. She is an asset to this sector and all young people who meet her will have a brighter future for doing so.
YP - 2
Thank you being there for me when my family was not there, thank you for supporting me when I felt sad. You really are my rock.
YP - 3
Thank you for the way you handled the people who were bullying me in class. I did not feel strong enough to stand up to them. You are amazing, you do not judge me, you just done what was right for me at that time. Thank you so much, I am grateful.
Head of Maths Secure Services
I have worked with Sam for over ten years with vulnerable young people. Her passion and commitment to helping young people is second to none. She is resilient and relentless in her enthusiasm to help them. She doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations and uses her compassion and humour to motivate and challenge them.
YP - 4
You got me to trust you, which no one has been able to do. I will try and tell my new carers when I get upset as I have told you. So you helped me break down that barrier. I don’t want to be locked up again.
Senior Manager of AP
I have worked with Sam in numerous settings, she has an innate ability to get along with young people due to her investment in them. This leads to them trusting her, as she works in a completely transparent manner. Without trust, therapeutic movement is unlikely to occur, but I have observed young people making real positive changes with Sam’s support, care, warmth, and good humour. A safe pair of hands; she positively will leave a lasting memory on any young person she works with as she has with me an ex-work colleague.
YP - 5
Now it’s the hardest thing to do is say goodbye to you. I know I’m going to make you proud and do the best I can.
YP - 6
You helped shape me to a better person, you made my time so much easier to bear. Know I will live my best life and this is because of you and what you have done to help me.
YP - 7
Thank you for everything that you have helped me through in the last couple of years.
YP - 8
Thank you for making me smile when I felt sad, I will miss how happy you always are (in the mornings) you weirdo.

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